Pet Formula Canterpene

Pet Formula Canterpene


Canterpene Pet Formula

What is Canterpene Bio Derivatives (C.B.D.)

Canterpene Botanical Derivatives and Canterpene Bio Derivatives (C.B.D.) are created using a patented harvest and processing method, and the process ensures that the health promoting properties are conserved in a universal source of an essential nutrient to support the normal functioning of the human endocannabinoid system.


With regular HEMP THC levels can be as high as .3%. With our patented Canterpene formula THC levels average .001%. Just enough to satisfy the endocannabinoid system by creating the entourage effect in every living mammal. However not enough to cause THC toxicity.


Fermentation converts HEMP 2.0 CANTERPENE™ hemp cannabinoids into food and food supplement forms which are not regulated as cannabis or under C45 law regulations without the use of any methods such as extraction or concentration used by cannabis processors. We have our own proprietary process which is compliant with Industrial Hemp regulation constraints.

Canterpene is safe for human and animal consumption.


Why should I give my pet Canterpene Bio Derivatives (C.B.D.) Pet Formula?

Clients that have used this product have reported that it relieves physical discomfort and mood issues in their pets. It has also been reported to be an excellent Flea and Tick repellent.

Our pet formula is also a great source of nutrients such as, Omega fatty acids, protein, fiber and so much more


What benefits can I expect when giving my pet Canterpene Bio Derivatives (C.B.D.) Pet Formula

  • Improves mobility in young and older pets

  • Can stabilize mood issues your pet might experience

  • Works as a flea and tick repellent.


Ingredients: MCT Oil, Canterpene Bio Derivatives, Sunflower Lecithin.