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Welcome to Muskoka Canterpene Bio Derivatives

With regular hemp the unharvested crop can have THC levels as high as .3 percent. Our patent pending Canterpene formula has no measureable THC to conform to the industrial hemp regulations as all the original cannabinoids have been bioprocessed into chemistry the body converts back into the original full spectrum of hemp small molecule plant bioactives after ingestion. Much as in the way vitamin E precursors or related molecules bioconvert after ingestion into 400IU of standardized activity. We speak of CBDe or CBD equivalency of functionality.

Muskoka Canterpene Bio Derivatives ( MCBD ) was established in 2017 in beautiful Gravenhurst Ontario Canada. With one thing in mind, better health MCBD manufactures tinctures, creams and capsules using Canterpene , a patent pending source of Canadian hemp. to help your body achieve homeostasis. The source of the Canterpene ingredient has been in the hemp business since it became legal in 1999. MCBD takes pride in product consistency and availability from sources with authoritative knowledge of the product. Since the new cannabis act has taken effect in Canada legal sources of non C45 regulated material have been reduced to one single supplier Morris Johnson , as a result of his patented harvest and processing methods. Canterpene self asserts itself to be an essential nutrient of the endocannabinoid system with all the benefits of C45 regulated cannabis except for the absence of psychoactive properties which is due to the lack of THC in Canterpene. Canterpene has become the choice of many who want halal products or who simply want to balance their endocannabinoid system without psychoactive side effects. MCBD is a young company with big ideas. MCBD anticipates growing exponentially in the next 5 years to meet the needs of consumers who are rapidly educating themselves about the benefits of the bioactives embodied in Canterpene. Our products have only trace amounts of THC which qualifies them to be a dietary supplement. Canterpene’s nutrition analysis and nutrition panel verifies that Canterpene is a superfood. Nutritionally dense foods are gaining market share in the food market. Canterpene meets this need as one of the up and coming new farm to table goods available to consumers. With protein quality superior to beef and more fiber than wholegrains and a fatty acids profile comparable to food supplements .

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